Friday, December 13, 2013

Thought (less) experiment

This is an interesting thought experiment I've come across recently. If you lost all your senses - sight, hearing, smell and what have you, would you still know if you existed? Well, the answer is yes. Even if I can't sense anything outside my body, I can still sense my body in certain ways. I can feel physical exertion, I can sense if I am upright or otherwise and so on. Now what if even these are taken away from me? Now all I am left with are my thoughts. Cogito ergo sum said Rene Descartes. What if I am rendered thoughtless for a while by an electric shock (which I can't feel)? Would I know I existed? Not as a thought obviously but as a sense?


Anonymous said...

Without cognition there is no sensation.

Anonymous said...

Thats would be the state of absolute peace beyond the realm of space & time. May be that's how God existed for -t infinity before the big bang . Thoughts which are neither good nor bad judgement involved. Advaitam .. no dfference between rock , plant , dog or me. All the same ..just random thoughts of creator which later meta morphed when he gained senses..