Sunday, July 22, 2012

By the people. Of the people. For the people.

India is not catching up. It is falling behind. The reason for this is mindset rather than capability. In the mad race to get ahead, we block each other. We try to win by competing among ourselves rather than collaborating. This is evident in the caste/religion based politics popular in the country. For the gain of a small subset of the population we believe is our own, we vote into power; ruffians and criminals. But alas if everyone votes for their own narrow interest, no one party is left with enough power to bring the required change. We can't be divided and hope that the polity we vote into power be pursuit of a better future for the country. What country? some might ask. It is true that the diversity of India is mind boggling. Impossible to manage, some might say. The only way for the country to function as one is true democracy. Let the people decide what they want. Divest power from the centre where it is not necessary. Let people decide what is the best use for tax payer money. Their demands will be unanimous. Better infrastructure, rule of law, security and ease of doing business. It is time for us to completely break away from Nehruvian socialism towards a freer, more open society. 

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Anonymous said...

Is it possible to get consensus of 1.2 billions people ? Everyone cannot participate in decision making , so political representatives are necessary for administration . There is little hope in common man that any one whom they vote for, will do any little difference to their lives, so they opt for immediate benefits given during election time like TV sets , Laptops , or atleast for Biryani and alcohol .

Yes,only change in mindset of everyone can make any difference rather than requirement of consensus of general population on how to use tax payers money .
I doubt if even good government will be able to meet minimal needs of Indian common man . Old age pension for disabled & destitute poor is only Rs 300 a month ,scheme in which less than 10% are registered ,where as in developed countries it is $1600 ,Amount which is sufficient for boosing regularly after meeting all general expenses. Big problem is our huge population and greed to gather more for ourself which is basic human nature .