Sunday, February 07, 2010

'What do you really want?' is a very tough question to answer because what the question implies subtly, is that inherently there is something unique in each one of us that expresses itself as our idiosyncratic desires and choices. 'Is there anything uniquely YOU, independent of the social and environmental influences?' is a much more interesting question. The Genetic is then thrown into the discussion in an attempt to answer the peculiar question. But it only confounds the situation instead of alleviating it. Genes, I agree are something that we are born with, something that were not fashioned by our society and environment. But they did not come into being randomly without any causes or history. In fact if the allegation that we are mostly products of our society and environment, seems disturbing, how would you react to the allegation that our Genes are a product of millions of different environments and societies experienced by organisms right from the first unicellular organism to the more recent apes (Remember Darwin?)?

Yet we can't help but feel that we are in fact unique, that we exist independent of the few strands of DNA or the socially induced behaviour that are used to define us. And it is this unshakeable feeling that I think is closest to what we truly are. For awareness and curiosity are not the result of something but the beginning of everything. That we have this in common with others is not reason to believe it is not inherently us just as Laplace did not copy differentiation from Newton but merely invented it at the same time as him.

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