Thursday, September 03, 2009

A call to all women

I want to make an appeal to the women of the world for they have the power to change the path our race takes to its future. Let me elaborate. Most problems of the world - war, hunger, extinction of other species and even financial meltdown have been caused by men. Specifically strong, aggressive, macho men - the Alpha Males, who seem to hold all the positions of power be it in the government or stock trading desks.

Unfortunately it is men with power and influence that women find attractive. This is a vestige of our descent from the apes. So do remember that these very Alphas whose DNA you are helping propagate, are potentially the wife beaters, killers and gamblers of the world. There was a time, I agree, when women needed the support of the Alphas to help their offspring survive the harsh environment but today I don't think it is necessary.

So all you women of the world can make the world a better place by choosing the Betas, who are soft spoken and gentler instead of the Alphas. The nerds and geeks of the world will make it a better place. So filter out the genes of the Alphas and choose the Betas as your partners and maybe in a few generations the world will be a much saner place and just maybe finally, the meek shall inherit the earth.

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