Thursday, August 06, 2009


I've been thinking about the word 'graceful' and what it means. It is a really tough task. I know it when I see it but can't seem to be able to describe it. The nearest I can come to describing the adjective is that there is a certain ease about some people when they indulge in a particular activity. But if you have tried as I have, you'd realize that it is not particularly easy to be graceful. Then how come a select few seem to be so good at it while the rest of us fail?

Though it is difficult to describe 'grace' itself, I can make an attempt to describe the people who are graceful at certain things. One important quality they seem to possess is relentlessness. The activity they're good at isn't just something they do. It becomes an obsession, for a while at least. While they are obsessed by it, they seem to feel no pain, no fatigue. All that matters to them is the activity itself. Not weakness nor social ridicule can deter them from doing what they want. They are consumed by until it becomes second nature to them.

This is what makes it seem so natural when they indulge in the activity. They seem to be born with ability while the truth is anything but that. It is strange that the very quality we identify them with was born out of a selfless pursuit on their part.

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