Monday, April 20, 2009

Heat and Dust

The Great Indian Summer is back and I know most of us have, during one hot summer or another, wished India was a country of pleasant climate. We have longed for the cool temperate climes of Switzerland or New Zealand on many a sticky hot day. Who would not? On one such day as I generally mused in such a direction, I realized that we have to consider our colonial history when we indulge in such wishful thinking. India like many other countries, was a European colony. Not all European colonies have hot tropical climates. In fact countries like the USA, Australia and New Zealand have really good climates unlike other erstwhile colonies like many South American and Asian countries.

But wait a minute. What has been the fate of the indigenous people of these colonies with pleasant climates? North America was swept clean in what can only be described as genocide. So was Australia and New Zealand. Only very rarely will you come across a true native of North America, Australia or New Zealand. Just to show how much these mass murderers care about ethnic diversity and how much they respect the natives of the land, they might allow one native, the privilege of running with the Olympic torch. It is during mental meanderings like this that I am filled with for the climate of my country. The 'Heat and Dust' might be a little difficult to tolerate but I sure as hell am glad that the climate irked our erstwhile colonizers, for at least my people were left alive.

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