Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Remember Remember

This is the season of entrance exams and admissions. The anxiety and tension hang heavy and are clearly visible on the faces of young boys and girls as they await the result of all the work they put in, toiling for years to get into the best colleges of the country. When the results are declared, the successful will be ecstatic. This is one of the earliest successes of these young kids and they will go on to face many more challenges and will win some and lose some but this first victory is the appetiser that causes them to seek more and more goals to achieve. There is nothing wrong with setting goals and achieving them, the only thing I'm against is losing sight of the reason why this goal was set in the first place.

If we try to understand why getting into a good college causes such happiness among people, we realise that getting into a good college is an indication that he/she, on successful completion of the course, will get placed well and earn a lot of money. Money can be exchanged for things that are useful to us or are pelasurable to us, money in the bank account is just a number and cannot, in itself, be a cause for pleasure.
Let me first mention that man can only experience pleasure only through his senses and in no other REAL way. The capitalisation of the word 'real' in the previous sentence is to counter the obvious objection that happiness need not arise only out of pleasure, contemplation of abstract things can also make us happy. This objection I refute simply by saying that ideas are not real, they do not exist outside your mind. Any thought in our minds is a fabrication memories of sensory inputs of one or more of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste.

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